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An open-door policy goes beyond encouraging dialogue; it establishes trust and champions inclusivity. Provide leaders the stage to communicate vital updates and cultivate genuine discussions and gather feedback.


The simpler way to stay connected

Democratize leadership access with open dialogues, supercharge your team's contributions, and mine invaluable insights

Elevate Announcements and Spark Dialogues in a Secure, Collaborative Space

Utilize Move the Chain to connect with targeted teams or broadcast to the entire organization. With our versatile post types, you're equipped for any corporate communication challenge.

Maximize Engagement with Diverse Post Options

Kickstart conversations, host interactive Q&As, run engaging polls, and spotlight stellar achievements—all with our versatile post types. Celebrate excellence and project milestones like never before.

Foster genuine connections based on shared causes and interests

Tailor your CSR programs and involvement activities to resonate with the passions and interests of your employees, encompassing the causes they hold dear. Link employees with similar interests and hobbies together.

Enhance Employee Relations with Our Follow Feature!

Keep up with your favorite colleagues and leaders by following them directly on Move the Chain. Engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, participate in polls, and celebrate special moments.

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Move the Chain is an all-in-one employee platform where gamified teamwork revolutionizes engagement and amplifies your team's social impact.

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