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What's Move the Chain

Move the Chain is a social giving platform, changing the way you give back to causes you care about. We make it fun, transparent and empowering to donate to and promote causes that matter to you.

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From being inspired by a campaign, to engaging your circle of friends and family to take positive action, there are so many ways to make a positive impact.

67% of Americans believe social media sites are important for creating sustained movements for social change...

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Whether you are a nonprofit looking for a quality platform to help you spread the word and raise funds, a donor looking to make a difference, or a corporation looking to partner with nonprofits, while getting visibility for your corporate social responsibility, we stand by you. We want to Move the Chain together.

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By donating through the Move the Chain platform, you will always know how your donations make a difference.


Your page on the platform allows you to promote your cause, raise funds and connect with individuals and corporations for support.


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