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Struggling to engage employees in company events? Offer them a one-stop calendar featuring everything from virtual meetups and fundraisers to workshops and more


Turn-key solution to create, manage, communicate, and coordinate events

Easily organize and oversee events with just a few clicks, making communication engagement more effortless than ever.

All events in one unified location - Enhancing inclusiveness and visibility

Provide your employees with a comprehensive calendar that displays an array of events—from online meet-ups to fundraisers and workshops, ensuring easy visibility and participation in upcoming activities.

Plan and coordinate events, fundraisers, volunteering events, workshops and more

Easily organize all your events on the platform with just a few clicks, whether they're internal or hosted by nonprofit partners. Access all events straight from the web app, Slack, or MS Teams.

Make all events open and accessible to all

Get ahead with your event planning! Make it a breeze for team members to hop into active events and activities with just one click. Employees can see what's lined up for the coming months and circle back to past events by accessing recordings, if they ever missed out.

Accessing events is just a click away, and calendar updates happen seamlessly

Hopping into events is now simpler than ever! With just one click, employees are in. Once those events are lined up, they’ll effortlessly appear on the calendar, keeping everything sleek and synchronized!

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Move the Chain is an all-in-one employee platform where gamified teamwork revolutionizes engagement and amplifies your team's social impact.

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