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Move the Chain connects nonprofits, corporations, and individuals. 🙌
A social giving platform using the power of action, peer-to-peer fundraising and social networking to make the world a better place.
Our Mission
The mission of Move the Chain is to challenge society to evolve positively and make the world a better place. Move the Chain makes it fun, transparent and empowering to donate and promote good causes.
Image of female holding a smart phone with text that reads “Giving back just became more transparent and fun” and a message from Boys and Girls Clubs that reads “We won a battle for our cause, thanks to all our supporters.” also an image of Mike Snyder with a quote “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

Why, "Move the Chain" ?

Like in the game of football, the team does not need a touchdown every play. At Move the Chain we seek to help our nonprofits reach their goals play by play, 10 yards at a time working together with viral donations and visibility to build their team.
The goal at Move the Chain, is to spike viral donations, increasing much needed visibility and awareness for nonprofits, and to the individuals and corporations that work so hard to make a difference!
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No hidden costs

Move the Chain provides a free platform for nonprofits to promote their cause, fundraise digitally and engage with their donors.

We operate from tips

We allow our donors to decide what our value is. Donors have the option to tip us when making a donation. Tipping is 100% optional.

We promote CSR

We partner with corporations to help engage their consumers, clients and employees to make a difference, while having fun.

About Our Platform

Our platform is easily accessible, and user friendly. In addition, our partnership with PayPal Giving Fund makes it possible for nonprofits to sign up and raise funds in a matter of minutes.

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Do you have questions about Move the Chain? Reach out and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!