The Corporate
Social Responsibility
as a service platform

Connecting corporations and nonprofit organizations to make a difference.

The Mission of Move the Chain is to challenge society to evolve positively and make the world a better place.


Making a difference just
got a lot easier

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Thanks to all our supporters. Your support means the world.

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Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.


We have a Vision of a world where everyone can make a positive change leveraging the power of action and connection.

Why "Move The Chain" ?

At Move the Chain we seek to help corporations and nonprofits reach their goals by moving the chain, and getting a first down. Like in the game of football, moving the Chain is about keeping the team on the field, and continuing to make forward progress.

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Hiring & Retaining Employees

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Align employees and customers to your values

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Nonprofit support

What makes Move the Chain different

We promote Culture,
Values & Impact

We partner with corporations to help engage their consumers, clients, and employees to make a difference in the world and increase the visibility of their CSR efforts.

We connect corporations and nonprofits

With our platform, corporations have a way to connect with nonprofits that align with their core values, and engage their partners, employees and consumers to raise funds together.

About Our Platform

Our platform is easily accessible and user-friendly. Corporations and nonprofits can create their profiles, connect, and start raising funds quickly.

175K+ vetted nonprofits

PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) gives us access to their database of vetted nonprofits. PPGF requires strict guidelines for nonprofits to be included in their directory.

Donation Processing

PayPal offers payment processing services, charging a small fee for each donation. Donors have the choice to pay via PayPal or credit card.

Tax Receipts

After each donation, a tax receipt is sent automatically via email. All donations to any nonprofit available on our platform are tax deductible.

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Move the Chain

The Corporate Social Responsibility as a service platform. Connecting corporations and nonprofit organizations to make a difference.

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