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Create intentional spaces for communities, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Where social interaction meets connection, our platform empowers employees to engage, providing them the tools to interact and bond.


Collaborating and connecting starts with a community

Join Communities and Employee Resource Groups to connect with peers who share similar interests.

Unite, Engage, Collaborate — Redefine Workplace Dynamics!

Establish vibrant communities and ERGs, accessible right from Microsoft Teams and Slack. Enable employees to connect and share with peers via an intuitive social feed.

Effortlessly Plan, Manage, and Host Your Community Events!

Organize all your community events in one centralized location and manage attendance right on the platform. Plus, effortlessly sync all events to your calendar.

Capture Every Moment with Our Photo Gallery!

Let employees dive into their communities’ photo collection! Pictures posted on event pages and within the community social feed are included in the gallery. Employees can show some love with likes, comments or by tagging themselves!

Celebrate Achievements Where Your Employees Already Connect!

Employees can shine a light on colleagues who truly stand out and make them feel cherished by praising them directly on their community social feed! The accolades are rounded up and highlighted in a leaderboard.

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Move the Chain is an all-in-one employee platform where gamified teamwork revolutionizes engagement and amplifies your team's social impact.

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