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Discover the intersection of impact and culture at your organization. Our platform enables you to showcase your company's values, charitable giving, and team unity, all while tracking your progress on ESG goals.

Make your impact and Culture
visible and accessible

Create a culture of giving and engagement that resonates with your team and makes a meaningful impact.

Showcase your culture and how your team comes together

Show off the unique culture that makes your company exceptional. Use our platform to highlight how your team collaborates on projects, celebrates milestones, and contributes to social causes.

Make sustainability and responsibility core parts of your company’s culture

Our platform provides real-time reporting features that allow you to track your ESG objectives, align them to one or more of the 17 SDGs, monitor your progress, share updates with your team, and celebrate milestones.

Measure your donation impact and showcase the causes you care about

Elevate your charitable contributions with donation tracking. Let your employees witness the difference your company makes to vital causes and their personal role in achieving your company's philanthropic objectives. Ensure every donation is impactful and every contribution is recognized.

Track individual and group volunteering activities

Keep track of employee volunteer activities and highlight special moments. Employees can effortlessly log their hours, tag themselves in volunteer photos, and showcase their contributions and dedication to social causes.

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Move the Chain is an all-in-one employee platform where gamified teamwork revolutionizes engagement and amplifies your team's social impact.

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