Connect your nonprofit with corporations that align with your core value system

Our purpose at Move the Chain is to connect your nonprofit with corporations and allow them to engage their employees and consumers to raise funds on your behalf.

12 images that are depicting causes that non-profits support

Why is Move the Chain right for your nonprofit?

We’ll cover the costs

Promote causes, fundraise digitally, and engage with corporations that share your values for free.

Connect with corporations

Corporations, their employees, and consumers will engage in fundraisers benefiting your nonprofit organization.

Boost online presence

Leverage our platform to raise funds and bring awareness to your cause.

Find out if you are already
on Move the Chain, and...

We partner with PayPal Giving Fund, which means that more than 175,000 nonprofits are already on the Move the Chain platform. If you are not registered with PayPal Giving Fund, enroll your nonprofit before you can create a free profile on Move the Chain.

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