Linking Philanthropy to Business Outcomes

Build, activate, and measure your CSR programs

through a turn-key system that

  • enhances your brand image
  • improves employee engagement
  • drives positive talent acquisition outcomes

What We Offer


Corporate Profile

Showcase your culture, charitable giving, and initiatives around CSR, DEI, and ESG through a customized profile.

Curated Partnerships

Find like-minded nonprofits to partner with based on mutual goals and values.

CSR Calendar

Build a yearly calendar of curated partnerships and easily schedule campaigns aligned to selected causes.


Lead Generation

Launch and promote charitable fundraisers that engage consumers and candidates to capture leads.

Website Connectivity

Celebrate your CSR efforts on your website using our APIs to pull in your Move the Chain profile and associated metrics.

Communication Templates

Promote CSR efforts through customizable social media and email templates across media channels


Track Impact

Manage your entire CSR program: track fundraisers, view statistics, and manage candidates directly from a centralized dashboard.

images illustrating how a circle of friends and family together can make a positive impact

What Our Clients Say

I love the vision behind Move the Chain. This is a movement driven by thoughtful people who are all about maximizing positive impact in the world we live in. I'm excited to be a small part of it.

Rodger Desai - CEO at Prove

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