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Community Center Fundraiser
This capital campaign’s goal is to help raise the funds to complete construction of the Community Center at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Norwalk, Conn. The Community Center is named after Fr Germanos Stavropoulos, who was instrumental in the acquisition of the property and building of St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church. The Community Center will complement the unique Byzantine architectural style of St. George Church and will go a long way to preserve, for generations to come, the significant cultural and religious traditions of the St. George Parish.
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Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
The parish of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Norwalk, CT began in 1939, when a group of 43 immigrant families purchased a small Lutheran Church at 8 Fort Point Street in East Norwalk. The highest sponsor at the time, Mr. George Zapherson, was given the honor of naming the church, which he named St. George after his patron saint, Saint George the Great Martyr. In 1953, St. George was recognized as a parish and granted the ecclesiastical charter by the Greek Archdiocese of America and appointed as its first priest, Fr. George Panagoulias. The community continued to grow, and in 1972, a young priest by the name of Father Germanos Stavropoulos was assigned as the Pastor at Saint George's parish. Fr. Germanos Stavropoulos was a man with great vision; he was full of energy and passion for his job. He realized that the community needed a new church to continue to service the needs of the growing parish, and a community center and began working toward that dream. In 1974, construction began of a new church, presently located at 238 West Rocks Road in Norwalk, CT. The parish continued to hope that one day, a community center would be built to allow the members to fully experience and take part in their traditions, language and culture. In 2013, ground broke for the new “Fr. Germanos Stavropoulos Community Center”, which includes a catering hall, daycare facility, a Greek School, a Library and administrative offices. This charity page is setup to help complete the building of this center which will help preserve the culture and traditions of St. George’s parish for generations to come and finally make the ‘dream’ that started over almost 50 years ago, become a reality!
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$3M goal
Campaign ends on August 26, 2026 You have 1675 days left to support this cause!