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We cannot rescue our way out of this but when we spay one we save hundreds! Nobody's Cats serves the 15 counties of southcentral Pennsylvania with Trap Neuter Return services and resources for humane management and reduction of populations of free-roaming domestic felines. Resources include a food and coupon bank, training and mentoring, all-weather shelters, and a dedicated spay/neuter clinic. Since opening in late 2013 our clinic has altered more than 35,000 free-roaming cats, preventing the birth of hundreds of thousands of kittens and allowing remaining cats to live healthier lives. We've also distributed tens of thousands of pounds and tens of thousands of cans of cat food, distributed hundreds of all-weather shelters, and trained hundreds through our TNR Basics Seminars. We've also created partnerships with many of our local animal-welfare peers, municipalities large and small, and numerous community cats initiatives. Nobody's cats are everybody's cats!
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