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Alliance for Young Women and Girls is a non-profit organization that promotes the livelihood and well-being of disadvantaged young women and girls. We provide an academically enriching and safe environment to help young women and girls obtain their education, develop leadership and employability skills that lead to fulfilling careers. Alliance fosters various learning environments by leveraging an educational setting through partnerships with the surrounding community.
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Torrance, CA
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Before starting the Leadership and Employability Training, I wasn't sure what other career opportunities were available to me that matched my skills and interests. I have learned that there are many different careers that fit my skills that I didn't know were out there. Now I see many possible options. -
It was an accident that I got in this [Leadership and Employability Training] training, and it didn't seem to be a fit. However, I've learned more about myself and what it takes to be a leader in the workplace than I’ve ever learned in my life. -
The Leadership and Employability Training has helped me to recognize that I have a lot of strengths that I didn’t realize before, such as being very organized and being good at planning events. I’m more confident than before. I am confident in what to do when my supervisors assign tasks. I would think I wasn’t qualified to do the job or complete the task. I am now more confident doing interviews. I know how to present myself better. I also realized that I have a strong work ethic. -
The Leadership and Employability Training has taught me to be a better communicator. I learned to diffuse a situation and stop arguments before they happen. It also taught me to see the other side’s opinions and viewpoints on things. As for my community, I learned to give back and not just take from it. I also learned of different careers that I did not know about before. I have chosen a career path and am currently working towards my career goal by enrolling in college and working a part-time job that will help me acquire the skills to reach my career goal. -
The Leadership and Employability training has helped me to get my priorities together and stay on track. It has helped me to enroll in a high school program and complete my high school diploma. I not only have my high school diploma, but I also earned a Career Certificate in Hospitality and Leisure. I am also working towards becoming a chef. -
The Salvation Army Oakland Chinatown Corps (Employer)
Eunice is good at expressing her thoughts to others, and she has excellent communication skills in the work setting. Eunice also has excellent project management skills. She is good at multitasking and able to finish her tasks well. As the only assistant at the corps, she has a lot of different tasks that need to be finished within a time frame, and she is good at prioritizing her tasks and always finishes her tasks on time. -
My experience [in the Leadership and Employability Training] has helped me improve my managerial skills and abilities. -
I am grateful for the inspiration that I have gained from this program and the way the trainer can relate to me. It has benefited me by allowing me the opportunity to get back into the workforce and go back to college. It feels like a stepping stone to continuing to achieve my goals professionally and personally. -
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Alliance for Young Women and Girls
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