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"Chronic pain is the unheard-of epidemic being uncovered by the Opioid Crisis."

Hope Instilled serves people living with chronic pain nationally through our online presence. Our information and resources cover over 30 different alternative treatment options, practitioners, nutrition, and more. We provide, in one place, a vast array of information to help people make more informed decisions about their chronic pain treatments as they battle medication challenges. People across the country, and globally, have benefited from our unique approach to supporting the chronic pain community.

Hope Against Pain is our one-of-a-kind, action-based, peer-to-peer support group designed specifically to address chronic pain. Our program is offered online to allow access to as many people as possible. Each member receives our workbook, a $9.97 value. Your donation will allow us to distribute these workbooks to a wider and wider audience.

Your donation will help us improve the lives of people living with chronic pain which will strengthen our communities.
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Milwaukee, WI
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K.F. - UK
I have found being a member of Hope Instilled has helped me in several ways. On waking, I often start the day with reading an uplifting quote from the site, which captures and acknowledges exactly how I often feel at the start of the day. Instantly I sense that I'm not alone in my struggle. I've also learned a lot from the journeys of fellow members, often feeling inspired and a sense of awe at their bravery. Witnessing how their constant battle with pain has honed and shaped them into such strong insightful human beings. I also find an opportunity to support others in responding to posts. In addition, there are regular illuminating and useful articles for wide range of chronic pain related issues. If I want to dig deeper, the newsletter is another resource I can turn too. And then of course, there is Jory himself who has been an unceasing support. -
T.K. Milwaukee, WI
Working with Jory and his Hope Against Pain program has made a huge difference in my life. The program guided me to discover thoughts and feelings which I had buried long ago. Some were directly from my auto accident and subsequent medical needs. Others were from past relationships. Jory's program walked me through uncovering these. There were people I needed to forgive. There were others I needed to apologize to in order to move forward. It has been unloading of weight I never realized I was carrying. I've learned how to believe in myself. To discover new things I enjoy doing, instead of missing things I am no longer able to do. -
J.A. Waukesha, WI
For many years, decades, I've lived with chronic pain due to a work injury. Many surgeries occurred, I lost touch with friends and family as my pain continuously increased. I became more isolated from life feeling as though I was alone in this battle. Someone mentioned Hope Instilled to me and when I looked at their website I found their support group Hope Against Pain. I know my pain will never go away, but discovering I'm not alone has been a blessing. Now I'm developing a plan to slowly get back into living instead of surviving. -
S.R. Phoenix, AZ
It has been a blessing in my life to discover Hope Instilled. For many years my family did not understand the daily pain I face. They try to mean well, but they have not experienced chronic pain. Hope Instilled allowed me to meet others living with chronic pain, my peers, from all walks of life. The support I feel has helped my days become better. When I have a pain flare up day I turn to my “chronic pain family” for support. Having this resource has taken weight off my real family as I now have a place to talk things out, as well as offer others support. -
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